Zrenjanin hosted the best women's and men's teams

Zrenjanin hosted the best women's and men's teams

Aleksandra Frajtović and Nina Škarić, and Marko Galešev and Siniša Antonić won the main title at the tenth Vip Beach Volley League tournament, finished yesterday in Zrenjanin.

The fact that 319 children attended the Vip Beach Masters volleyball school lead by Vanja and Nikola Grbic, established Zrenjanin as real volleyball city. The total of 3841 children participated the school during this season .

The next League tournament will take place in Kaniza, from August 15-17.

Vip Beach Volley League, Zrenjanin, August 08 - 10



1. Aleksandra Frajtović/Nina Škarić
2. Gorana Međan/Teodora Trifunović
3. Isidora Egić/Milena Matić


1. Marko Gališev/Siniša Antonić
2. Miljan Kiković/Stefan Basta
3. Ivan Bubulj/Luka Guteša