2014 Vip Beach Masters in record-breaking 12 Serbian cities

2014 Vip Beach Masters in record-breaking 12 Serbian cities

Vip mobile and Serbian Volleyball Association have presented a new competition season – 2014 Vip Beach Masters – Serbian Beach Volleyball Championship which is going to be held in record-braking 12 cities across Serbia this summer. Attractive concept, quality game and various competitions are announcing an exciting volleyball summer for all beach volley lovers but also for the children wishing to try themselves in this sport and learn from our famous volleyball player Vanja Grbić at Vip Beach Masters volleyball school.

The championship title competition and the total prize fund of 32,000 Euro will start with a tournament in Novi Pazar from May 30 to June 1, and then continue each weekend in a different city Užice, Kruševac, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Bačka Palanka, Veliko Gradište, Bač, Sombor, Kanjiža and Temerin. The Grand Finale is traditionally reserved for the summer’s end, from August 27 to 30, when the new Serbian women’s and men’s beach volleyball champions are going to be announced after a four day competition at Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade.

Novi Sad will, for the fourth time in a row, from July 1 to 5, host a prestigious CEV European Championship – Beach Volleyball Masters Series. The best men’s volleyball teams from more than 25 countries will compete at strand beach in Novi Sad for the world rank list points and cash prizes out of the total fund of 25,000 Euros. The novelty is that this season Belgrade is going to host the biggest talents from the region at the Balkan Senior Championship to be held from August 22 to 24, at Ada Ciganlija.

For the first time, the beach volleyball tournaments will have their season’s official mobile phone, LG G2 mini, within whose application the users will have the opportunity to learn the basic moves of this dynamic and interesting sport. The phone is going to be available in Serbia for the first time as of April 25, only within Vip postpaid offer at the price starting from as little as 1 dinar.

“I’m very pleased to announce the 2014 volleyball summer and invite the Serbian citizens to join us in these record-breaking 12 cities. Together with our partner, Vip mobile, for the seventh year in a row, we are actively working on improving the quality and popularizing the beach volleyball and succeeding in motivating the young players to reaffirm themselves at the court”, said Aleksandar Boričić, President, Serbian Volleyball Association. He pointed out that our beach volley champions, Marko Galešev and Siniša Antonić, have recently received an invitation to take part in the Open Championship in Fuzhou and Jinshan Grand Slam Tournament in Shanghai at the end of April beginning of May this year.

“Vip Beach Masters” is the biggest and most quality beach volleyball competition in our country connecting the competitive spirit and the beauty of this marvelous team sport in a fun way. You already heard that we will be hosting the best European, Balkan and domestic players who know how to impress the audience with their stunts at the net. In addition, Vip mobile has also prepared, as a tournament organizer, different types of entertainment and gifts for the audience that are going to make the volleyball courts favorite meeting points this summer”, said Dejan Turk, director/CEO Vip.
The youngest visitors of all 12 national tournaments, but also the European Championship in Novi Sad, are going to be able to attend Vip Beach Masters volleyball school regardless of whether they have the previous volleyball experience or not. We are also planning to hold a children’s volleyball camp at Ada Ciganlija for the talented children aged 12 to 17 who will study the beach volleyball techniques together with Vanja Grbić and professional trainers.

This year’s competitions are held with a support of the host cities. The participant’s equipment is provided by company DaCapo whereas the tournaments will be insured by Wiener Stadtische.